Name: Sakura Kinomoto
Origin: Cardcaptor Sakura
Version: "Space Cadet", anime episode 4 (RAIN and WOOD) / manga volume 1 (FLY)
Status: Finished

At first sight, Sakura Kinomoto is a common 10-year-old girl... but since the day she let loose by accident a pack of magical cards contained within an old book, the Book of Clow, her mission is to find these cards and seal them back to their original forms. Accompanied by Kero, one of Clow's former protectors, Tomoyo, her best friend, then by Shaoran, a young boy declaring himself as a descendant of Clow, she goes hunting for the cards... Will she fulfill her mission?

History: That's it, folks. My GREEN EYES Project (named as such because of Sakura's eyes), is yet another crossplay... but you know what? I've been longing to tap into the domains of the Mahou Shoujo (Magical Girl). I just used Yuna and Sailor Jupiter as a spring-board to reach what I used to see a remote world. Besides, Cardcaptor Sakura is much more than a simple Magical Girl story, there are many friendships and love stories that are described in parallel to the main plot. Moreover, I discovered CCS... after having watched a season of Tsubasa Chronicles. How big was my surprise to realise that Shaoran also exists in CCS, while I was thinking he was from another CLAMP manga! Having learned that, I decided to watch every single episode of the series in order to make a better "capture" of our little cardcaptor's personality. This was a great advantage for my skit during Paris Manga 2008 Another.

I set my choice on a suit that I could qualify as "cute and techno": the Space Cadet outfit, characterized by its roll-edged skirt and sleeves, its protected gloves and thick-soled boots. Sakura wears this outfit in the first volume of the manga, while she captures THE FLY. It also appears in anime episode #4 (in colors, please!) while Sakura tracks THE RAIN and THE WOOD that have taken place in her own house.

The dress pattern has been drawn using my own measurements by Midori, aka my "Rubia Natwick" from Mang'Azur 2008. Cutting the parts has been really easy, however assembling the whole thing was far from easy... especially for the rolls on the sleeves and the hem of the dress. The boots were made using snowboots, arranged and painted accordingly by myself. The wig has been made by sakura herself, I felt I just couldn't handle it myself.

However, the sealing wand... totally made-in-DHB! Recipe of a success: broomstick, drawer handle, polystyrene ball, a glass and modelling paste to make a beak form to be covered with papier mache, tailpieces and "feather-cardboard". Don't forget the paint too!

Thanks go to my Tomoyo, ukyo-chan...


Paris Manga 2008 ANOTHER (PM6)
Sakura against a card, not just any card!!


>>> Our skit... warning, laughs are not even pre-recorded!

Filmed par har_t.

Toulouse Game Show 2008


>>> The Fairies' skit: the Sakura group

Filmed par Volfangel / CODED CAM 2.

>>> How about an extra round on pop'n music after that?

Filmed by V1hn @ PoWa!