Real name: ** doesn't matter **
 Cosplayer aliases: DHB, Der Jäger
 Cosplayer since: 2003
 Birthday: 20, March
 Height: 177cm / 5'9½"
 Location: Bordeaux, .fr
 Relational status: ** doesn't matter either **


 Cosplays: from videogames, especially from Final Fantasy
 V-Games: Final Fantasy, .hack, Gran Turismo, DDR, Diablo II, beatmania IIDX
 Music: JMJ, Dire Straits / Mark Knopfler, videogame OSTs, and techno/trance...
 Owned items: Griever necklace, Neo-like sunglasses, and my precious DG-camera!


 Occupation: hunting for one...
 Is tempted to: go to Japan, learn Japanese, do some crossplays (why not?)
 Wishes to improve: sewing skills, webdesign skills, English proficiency
 Motto: "Origin is nothing, talent matters most..."