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You've just reached arpegiatorNET, virtual lair to the geek-otaku-so-called-nolife that I am. This is my personal domain's root site, from which you can reach all of my other websites related to my not-so-normal activity ^_^

If videogames (especially RPG and rhythm games) don't scare you, if you are familiarized with anime and manga (even those 80s French-touch-anime can do!), or if the word "cosplay" doesn't sound barbaric to you, I'm inviting you to go ahead and rummage through these pages as you wish. Use the lower menu to warp from one zone to another... have a nice visit!

About this site

HTML/PHP/CSS coding has been entirely done by myself (err... hurray?). Background image is from Maya Takamura, illustrator from KONAMI's rhythm-gaming series, and has been created for the music "Zenius -I- Vanisher" from Tatsh (Tatsuya Shimizu).


Primary aliases: DHB, Der Jäger

Alternate aliases: L-H-, Elinciel

Actual name: undisclosed

B-Day: March 20th

Blood Type: O- (at least, the positive side is that I can donate to anyone!)

Height: 177cm / 5'9½"

Place of residence: somewhere on Earth...

Professional activities (aspiring for): coding (web or programs)

Leisure activities: cosplay, videogaming, shooting movies...

Last news: 2009-08-03

Well well well, it's been a long time! I really had to get myself a new and more researched style, didn't I? Think about it, it's been over 5 years since arpegiatorNET exists and I haven't even thought about changing the style of my root site. Now that it's done... enjoy!

Don't hesitate to pay a visit to my new Guest Book as well, upgraded too! Thanks go to Mr.Alex for this well-thought and well-built service ^_^
Site and layout entirely made by DHB / Der Jäger. Background image by MAYA TAKAMURA