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A shoot'em up based into a virtual universe, to explore deeply and widely in order to reactivate an IA left in stasis. The particularity: each of your actions will trigger a sound that adds to the background music. One could then easily forget the wireframe graphics to get totally immersed into the ambiance. Tip: raise the volume, you don't hear rhythmic shmups every day...


By the way, if you like it... Try Lumines as well (I might show that one as well if you're all nice guys)


One thought Rez was too minimalist, graphic-wise... "One" must have not known Vib-Ribbon! The graphics are strictly minimal here: pixels of white on black. But then, what's the aim of the game? You control a little beast, named Vibri, on a line filled with obstacles to jump across by typing the right buttons. The interest: you can use your own CDs to play! Could this game have inspired AudioSurf for such a flexibility? Maybe...


Minimalist? Yeah I know...

FreQuency / Amplitude

Created some time ago by a then-recent group named Harmonix, FreQuency is played on a virtual tunned divided in tracks. Each of the tracks contains notes to validate just like in DDR, by pushing the lateral buttons of the PS2 pad. Validating two bars with no fail will activate the track, so that you can play another one. Some power-ups increase the score faster or auto-activate an idle track.
Amplitude takes the same concept with greater upgrades: better graphics, another difficulty level, other powerups, multiplayer... and more varied songs. The game here takes place on a 6-lane-wide area, with interlinked tracks scrolling like a road in a richly colored tridimensional background. The game is played the same way. Note the presence of the Slo-Mo that slows down the scrolling for two bars, which may be very handy.
These two games aren't well known from the gaming audience, which isn't too good for this team that, some time later, tested its luck with some random game named Guitar Hero... but, as we say, fortunately, no one should give a damn about that! Right? Wrong... I do give a damn. And I prove it!


In all honesty, this scrolling type, those graphics, don't they remind you your looooooooooooong charts with red, green, yellow, blue, orange circles on them? Hmm? Tell me...