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A question: what do you get by handing a camera to a geek? Simple reply: videos. Lots of videos. Between "in-site reportings" during geek events, rhythm-gamer gatherings held by DDR Bordeaux and other stupid things spotted here and there, I'm having quite a big task!

Here's the section dedicated to my video works, gathered under the codename CODED CAMS. For more explanation, go and explore the sub-menu links before seeing the rest on YouTube.

Ready? ACTION!

For the anecdote... What's with this CODED CAMS name?

You should ask me "Why sailorsatelite020712?", to begin with... By the time I registered on YouTube, my rather twisted spirit was drifting on two different things at a time: cosplaying as a Sailormoon character and progressing further into beatmania IIDX. One day, by spotting for the exing time the song title "satellite020712 from 'CODED ARMS'" (taken from first-person-shooting PSP game CODED ARMS) scrolling on beatmania IIDX 10th Style PS2, the idea struck me. Something that evokes Sailor Moon and IIDX? Yeah, why not a "satellite"? After all the Moon is a satellite!

So came my alias on YouTube. I later pushed the pun further by changing the name 'CODED ARMS' into 'CODED CAMS'.